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Hi. I'm Katie. I am 12 years into recovery from drugs and alcohol and a first time mom of a little girl about to embark on toddlerhood. In my desperation to relate to moms who didn't embrace wine culture, have messy houses, and dress their kids in clothing that didn't match, I scoured YouTube and other sites for my "people." I haven't found them yet. And if I haven't, then maybe you haven't either. So, maybe we can be those people for each other. I have spent years cultivating a grateful mindset and healthy, sober lifestyle through my relationship with God, have a not-always-perfect-but-always-beautiful marriage, and a career. If you want to know how to have these things too, or just want someone to tell you it's okay to just be okay, you are in the right place. Use my lived experience to create a better life for yourself and your little one(s).

Crossing the River
Foggy Waters


I am 34 years old and married with a baby girl. Before this life, I had another one. I was a stubborn, three-time college dropout addicted to Heroin and Cocaine who liked to spend time on the streets of North Philly. I never saw myself living past the age of 20. But after wrecking my body and my mind with daily drug use, overdoses, car accidents, and involuntary psych ward stays, I decided if God wasn't going to take me, then I might as well live a better life - I just had no idea how. Fast forward 12 years and I am a licensed attorney with the only kind of life I ever prayed to God for, "normal."

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