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Do One Thing Today That's Uncomfortable

Starting this blog is uncomfortable for me. I love to write, and since I have gotten sober, I have become successful in life by operating outside of my comfort zone. Let me be clear, by "successful in life" I don't mean unbelievably wealthy with the means to go anywhere and do whatever I want. That was never my desire anyway. By "successful in life" I mean at peace, content with sitting with myself, grateful albeit not always happy. Ironically, I gained peace and contentment by living a long time in discomfort. Learning how to live without drugs or alcohol is a lot like watching my daughter learn how to walk. She really wants to be independent but is unbelievably frustrated by the fact that she is not yet able to stand up without assistance and run off into the sunset to chase our cat, Henry. It takes time, patience, and self-compassion when she inevitably falls.

Being an addict, I love instant gratification and I want everything, now. That is not how life works. And usually, the things worth having don't come all at once. So instead of trying to conquer everything you want to achieve, I implore you to do just ONE thing that is uncomfortable today. I don't care what it is. Take a shower, dust a shelf - not even a whole bookcase, just a shelf, rinse your face and look in the mirror. Just ONE thing that doesn't feel comfortable to do.

Then tell yourself out loud, "I'm proud of you."

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